JANNAT MODERN PHARMA is a young and dynamic company based in Sana'a, Republic of Yemen engaged in import and distribution of pharmaceutical finished formulations, medical supplies, food supplements and cosmetics.
JANNAT MODERN PHARMA was established in 2017 as a private Yemeni Company, with view of contributing to the wellbeing of our nation through provision of innovative and quality products at affordable prices. The company was registered with Ministry of Industry and Trade under Trade Register No. (2017010398) and was registered with and licensed by the Supreme Board of Drugs and Medical Appliances (SBDMA) - Ministry of Health - as an importing and distributing company of pharmaceutical finished formulations.
JANNAT MODERN PHARMAalso obtained membership of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Sana’a under No. (39528).

About us

Our product ranges from the pharmaceutical finished formulations for human use, food supplements, health care and skin care products. We have our own distribution network, salesmen, Medical Representatives, delivery trucks, warehouses and automated accounting system. Our main customers in Yemen include public and private hospitals, retailing pharmacies, wholesalers and private clinics. Our company adopts a policy that offers extra focus on the key doctors (class A) in public and private hospitals to prescribe our products. JANNAT MODERN PHARMA possesses extensive experience marketing and selling various types of finished formulations. This experience was acquired through the founders’ long-term employment as Medical Representatives of Multinational companies (Bayer & Novartis) hired directly by them through their distributors in Yemen. Therefore, we possess deep knowledge and experience about the Yemeni market and maintain excellent contact with almost all sales channels and key customers. For more information about us, please email us at info@jmpharma-ye.com

Our Vision

Our vision at JANNAT MODERN PHARMA is to humbly contribute to the quality of life of our people

Our Mission

To contribute to the wellbeing of our people and reduce the high morbidity rates by offering high-quality products at affordable prices, and to be the partner of choice for reliable suppliers..

Our Team

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We cover almost 85% of the total Yemeni market directly through our head office based in Sana’a, the capital city of Yemen, and eight branches in the other main cities. Our company is based in Sana’a, the capital city of Yemen, and have sub-agents/distributors in the remaining provinces. Our company is expanding rapidly and we have in place plans to open a branch in some other cities.