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جنات مودرن فارما هي شركة ذات خبرة وديناميكية يقع مقرها في صنعاء، جمهورية اليمن، وتعمل في استيراد وتوزيع التركيبات الدوائية النهائية ومستلزمات طبية ومكملات غذائية ومستحضرات التجميل.

تأسست جنة مودرن فارما في عام 2017 كشركة يمنية خاصة، بهدف المساهمة في رفاهية أمتنا من خلال توفير منتجات مبتكرة وذات جودة عالية بأسعار معقولة. تم تسجيل الشركة في وزارة الصناعة والتجارة بموجب السجل التجاري رقم (2017010398) وتم تسجيلها وترخيصها من قبل المجلس الأعلى للأدوية والأجهزة الطبية (SBDMA) - وزارة الصحة - كشركة استيراد وتوزيع للتركيبات الدوائية النهائية.

حصلت جنة مودرن فارما أيضًا على عضوية في غرفة التجارة والصناعة في صنعاء بموجب الرقم (39528).

You are in safe hands

Discover excellence in our superior healthcare services. Azal Hospital offers you a comprehensive healthcare experience, where exceptional medical professionalism meets the latest medical technologies, providing you with the peace of mind and comfort you deserve

Dr. Abdelghani Al-Qadi

The General Manager

Thanks to the grace of God and the trust of our patients, along with their support, the hospital has been able to quickly become one of the most renowned and reputable hospitals in the entire region. We can confidently say, with gratitude to Allah, that we have all the departments equipped with the latest international devices, exceptional medical staff, and qualified technicians in the entire region. We focus on specialized fields within the core specialties, and our role goes beyond providing excellent medical service to our patients. We believe, with certainty, that as a responsible medical institution, we must play an active and effective role in serving the community for the betterment of its people.

Dr. Ahmed Al-Wajih

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Azal Hospital was established in 1996 to be a cornerstone of the medical advancement in Yemen. Its name, Azal, was chosen as a reminder and extension of Yemeni civilization and its mission to emphasize its goal, which has always been and still is serving and caring for humanity. The hospital encompasses all medical specialties and is equipped with the latest advanced medical devices. It stands out with its spacious facilities designed for the comfort of patients and their families.

From a therapeutic perspective, you will find that our healthcare service, guided by our motto of complete care, is distinguished not only by the equipment and devices, but also by the competent and compassionate healthcare professionals who embody the values of honesty, integrity, dedication, and commitment to serving patients. They strive for excellence in their performance to satisfy Allah.

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